CEU certification can be obtained by taking continuing education life-long learning classes. These courses can be taken to increase job skills or for personal betterment. CEU certifications can be very useful in some careers.


Continuing Education Units (CEU) can be taken at community colleges and online. The course descriptions for CE classes are non-credit courses, but they are nationally recognized as measures of furthering knowledge of certain subjects.


Some career paths value certifications more than degrees. For example, some technical fields, such as Software Engineering, value skill. CEU certifications in this area offer a way to prove that you are competent in the field even if you don't have a degree in it.

Certification Areas

CEU certifications can be obtained to become a Project Management Professional, Medical Billing Specialist, Certified Nursing Assistant and Medical Coding Specialist, to name a few.

CEU Programs

CEU programs can be taken online or in traditional classroom settings. Certificates are given to show completion of programs.


Some CEU certifications must be renewed after a certain amount of time.

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