Life coaching is an emerging field centered on helping people achieve their life's goals. Because of its novelty, a designated path to becoming a life coach isn't clearly established. While you don't need a license to become a life coach, you can earn certification as either a life coach or an assistant coach. A variety of accredited life coach training programs accommodate different learning styles, schedules and professional goals, including online and campus-based programs as well as religious and science-based programs.

Erikson College International

Erikson College International is a life coach training school accredited by the International Coach Federation. Erikson College International offers online programs as well as on-site programs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, throughout Canada and in 28 other countries. The school proposes that life coaching is both an art and a science, so it seeks to address both aspects in your training. After you complete the program, you receive an Erikson Professional Coach certificate.

Coach Training Alliance

Coach Training Alliance is accredited by the International Coach Federation, and its course hours are certified as approved coach specific training hours. It offers a home-study program that leads to certification in six months. The alliance presents coaching, business and marketing concepts, which are designed to make you a well-rounded and successful coach, according to the Coach Training Alliance website. It offers the convenience of working at your own pace.

Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy

The Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy is based in Cape Coral, Florida. It offers faith-based life coach training. It is accredited by International Christian Education Credentialing and is the first faith-based coaching school to receive full accreditation and endorsement, according to the PCCCA website. The academy offers one-to-one personalized training as well as pay-as-you-go online training. This program differs from secular coaching programs as it is faith-based, and focuses on training you to help clients meet religious goals and achieve spiritual fulfillment.

Bennett/Stellar University

Bennett/Stellar University is a life coach certification program accredited by the International Coaching Society. Based in Sedona, Arizona, the school offers an 11-day program in both conference and weekend formats. Its coaching program is based on neuro-linguistic programming, which provides students with "a greater understanding of the use of language and human processes," according to the Bennett/Stellar University website. At the end of the 11-day program, you receive NLP Professional Coaching certification.

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