Trade certification in Canada is granted at the provincial or territorial level and tradespeople must be certified to practice in their respective provinces. Having a Red Seal affixed to your trade certification allows you to practice your trade in any of Canada's provinces or territories without having to get individual certification for each jurisdiction. The Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship works with provincial bodies to create training programs and exams that meet the national Red Seal standard. Not all trades, though, are eligible for Red Seal certification. See Resources for a full list of trades operating under the Red Seal program.

Step 1

Contact your provincial or territorial department of apprenticeship and training. Red Seal certification is granted at the provincial level, so it is a good idea to contact the apprenticeship and training authority in your province to learn about specific requirements for your trade in your jurisdiction. You can find a list of provincial and territorial contacts in Resources.

Step 2

Gain the necessary experience and/or training for trade certification in your province. Before you write the Inter-provincial Red Seal Exam, you must gain all of the skills and experience required for your trade. These requirements can vary depending on your province and trade. Many trades require that you complete apprenticeship programs or college courses before you can sit for the exam.

Step 3

Sit for your Inter-provincial Red Seal Exam. Once you have completed the necessary training and/or experience for your trade, you can apply to your provincial or territorial department of apprenticeship and training to sit for your certification exam. If you have trained in a trade that is part of the Red Seal program, your provincial certification exam is also recognized as the Inter-provincial Red Seal Exam. If you pass this exam, you will receive a provincial certificate with a Red Seal endorsement affixed.


Past experience, training and certification from another jurisdiction may make you eligible to challenge and get your Red Seal without sitting for the exam. Contact your provincial or territorial department of apprenticeship and training if this is the case.

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