For best results in determining your IQ, avoid unscientific online tests. There are many resources available for scientifically sound intelligence tests to determine your official IQ.


According to John Rich's website "Psychological Testing," the concept of Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, was developed in 1904 by Aflred Binet. Currently, the Weschler and Stanford-Binet tests are the most common IQ tests administered in the United States.


One of the best resources for finding and taking an IQ test is through Mensa, the official international high-IQ society.

Psychiatric and Counseling Services

IQ testing is also available through psychiatric and counseling centers in your area or through the psychiatric wing of your local hospital.

Local School District

Schools often use IQ testing to help place students in the correct classes and have various resources for individual testing.


As you begin to research IQ testing, keep in mind that IQ is not the only measure of success. According to the Human Intelligences Website, IQ tests do not account for multiple intelligences, such as creativity and physical intelligence.

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