California colleges with nutrition degrees offer students various degree options. Students may specialize in nutrition or nutrition science. Students complete a standard curriculum that includes courses in human nutrition, food science, nutrition therapy, dietetic principles and laboratory research. University departments prepare students for career opportunities in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, hotels and large food service companies. Four California colleges represent a comprehensive view of nutrition degree programs.

San Jose State University

The Department of Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging at SJSU offers a Master of Science degree in nutritional science. The program prepares students for careers in food service and restaurant management, nutrition and wholesale packaging. At the undergraduate level, students may minor in nutrition and food science. Students complete courses in the science of food, culinary and dietetic concepts and the principles of packaging toward a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, Food Science and Technology and Packaging.

San Diego State University

The undergraduate program at SDSU offers two major nutrition degree programs. Students can major in kinesiology and choose one of four emphases to include the major fitness, nutrition and health. The School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences also offers an applied arts and sciences major in food and nutrition. Students graduate understanding how to evaluate nutritional and fitness programs. They often pursue careers in both the business and health care industries. Students may pursue bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees.

Pepperdine University

Located in Malibu, California, Seaver College of Pepperdine University offers a Bachelor of Science in nutritional science. The program provides students with a comprehensive approach to nutrition. Students prepare for careers as dietitians through the Didactic Program in Dietetics, as food service managers and as health professionals. To continue in the program, they must complete general education and major prerequisites with a grade no lower than a "C." Students complete major courses in microbiology, food production and medical nutrition therapy.

University of California-Berkeley

The Department of Nutritional Science and Toxicology provides three undergraduate majors. Among the options, students may complete a bachelor's degree in Nutritional Science: Dietetics or Nutritional Science: physiology and metabolism. The program prepares students for medical school and other health careers in dentistry and pharmacy. One of the basic learning goals of the department is to help students establish an understanding of "nutrient digestion, absorption, metabolism and function." Students complete courses in the fundamentals of human nutrition and food practices.

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