Rosetta Stone is a language learning software sold at various locations such as bookstores, airports and online retailers. It can be expensive, especially if you want to master a language, because the software is sold in different levels in order of difficulty. Rosetta Stone is trusted for language learning and immersion, and many government agencies such as NASA and U.S. diplomatic offices use the program to help their employees learn foreign languages. Rosetta Stone software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.


Online merchants compete with one another, which may drive the prices down. and electronics retailer J&R have competitive prices for Rosetta Stone products. As of 2009, they offer Rosetta Stone products for $20 to $50 cheaper than the retail price. Amazon also offers bundles in which you can buy Rosetta Stone with another product to save money on the total price.

Manufacturer Discounts and Sales

Rosetta Stone may offer discounts on its website, and through these promos you can buy the software for a cheaper price. Rosetta Stone usually has back-to-school sales in late summer, which may include $100 off products and free shipping. It also has better prices on bundles--you can save $300 if you buy levels 1 through 3 in a pack instead of buying them one by one.

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Coupons also cut the price of the Rosetta Stone program. The Retail Me Not website has a list of coupons you can use at the Rosetta Stone website to get discounts, giveaways or free shipping. These coupon websites give you details about the Rosetta Stone coupon's success rates as well as expiration dates.

Auction and Comparison Sites

You may buy Rosetta Stone at a lower price if you buy it used from auction sites such as As of 2009, various sellers were offering Rosetta Stone products for as low as $129, compared with the retail price of $400. Comparison sites are resources that you can also look into. lists prices from multiple merchants.

Wholesale Stores

Costco and Sam's Club also sell Rosetta Stone products. In addition to software, these stores have other Rosetta Stone products, such as Rosetta Stone's Global Traveler program, which cost about $35 as of 2009.

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