Biomedical engineering colleges are rated though a system of peer review conducted by university deans and senior faculty members with expertise specific to the field. Getting into a top-rated school can be difficult, and it is a wise strategy to apply as early as possible. It is also beneficial to discuss your options with faculty at your high school or undergraduate program, who may have connections with the engineering program to which you are applying.

Duke University

The Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University grants both undergraduate and graduate level degrees. The graduate biomedical engineering program at Duke was ranked in the top five in the United States by the National Research Council. U.S. News & World Report ranked it in the top five graduate level biomedical engineering programs in 2010. Biomedical engineering is the second-largest graduate and seventh-largest undergraduate major at Duke. The campus is located in Durham, North Carolina inside what is known as the Research Triangle. Duke has major research programs in biomechanics, biomolecular and tissue engineering, electrobiology, and biomedical imaging.

Duke University Pratt School of Engineering 305 Teer Building Durham, NC 27708-0271 919-684-3913

University of Washington

The College of Engineering at the University of Washington is located in Seattle. In 2010, U.S. News & World Report named this school the fifth-best graduate level biomedical engineering program in the United States. The department has 237 faculty members. Recent areas of research at this school include making composites for aerospace, combining nanoparticles for medical applications, and organic electronics. The college awarded its students over $8 million in scholarships in 2009. It has more than 4000 undergraduates and just over 1500 graduate students. The school's website claims that Kiplinger's rated it one the of best value colleges in the United States due to its low tuition rate. UW also promises to cover 100 percent of tuition for low-income Washington state residents.

University of Washington College of Engineering 371 Loew Hall, Box 352180 Seattle, WA 98195-2180 206-543-5929

Johns Hopkins University

According to U.S. News & World Report's 2010 ranking, the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University is the best graduate-level biomedical engineering program in the United States. The department has just over 400 undergraduates and about 200 graduate students, and 80 faculty members. This department is also the largest pre-clinical program at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. The school's website states that nine startup companies have resulted from its faculty research. Recent areas of research within this department range from medical imaging to cell and tissue engineering to systems neuroscience.

Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering 3400 N. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21218 410-516-8174

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