As a college student, you have the choice of working hard enough on your studies to earn grades that will put you on the dean's list, considered a high honor for any student. As you will need to earn a minimum GPA for a semester or school year to do so, appearing on the dean's list shows how much hard work and dedication you put into your education. Appearing on the dean's list qualifies you for a variety of benefits that can persist through your future education and career.


When your name is on the dean's list, you receive automatic recognition from the school board, staff, professors and the dean as well. Educators remember students whose names are on the dean's list and consider them to be hard workers. This recognition may help you receive references from your professors, should you need them when applying to graduate or professional schools.

Internship Opportunities

Being on the dean's list is an achievement that may help you qualify for internships when you are competing against other college students. It shows prospective employers that you were a standout scholar, implying you will also be a dedicated intern.

Graduation Honors

Students on the dean's list for every semester during college graduate with honors. This is a highly important status and will improve your chances for admission to another college for graduate work, or may increase your chances of getting the job you really want. When applying for a job, the more positive items you have to put on your resume, the better, especially when applying for entry-level work. Graduating with honors is something to be proud of. You will want to include this on your resume and have it noted permanently on your transcript.

Graduate and Professional School Preparedness

If you plan on continuing your education to the next level, you will need the dedication required to earn a postgraduate degree. You will have admission priority to graduate school over other students as a dean's-list graduate with honors at your undergraduate school. Also, the experience of working hard enough to make the dean's list will stand you in good stead for the challenges of a graduate or professional school such as law school or medical school. Strive to have your name on the dean's list not only once, but throughout your college years, if you plan on continuing your education.

Personal Achievement

Making the dean's list gives you a sense of accomplishment, as you worked hard at your schoolwork to earn those good grades. Studying and focusing on your education can be difficult, with all of the daily distractions, but if you make the effort, you can earn high marks and get your name on the dean's list. Aside from any other advantages offered, you will feel a personal sense of achievement when you do so.

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