The School of Dentistry at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, doesn’t dictate a minimum GPA for applicants. The program’s website states that it encourages all students who show strong academic ability, especially in science, to apply. That population may include students who have lower overall GPAs because they didn’t perform well when starting college, but who have improved academically throughout college and would make good dental school candidates.

Average GPA and DAT Scores

While not mandating a minimum GPA for applicants, UNC's dental school does post the average GPAs and Dental Admission Test scores for its enrolled students, so students can see how they measure up accordingly. For example, the class of 2016, admitted in 2012, includes 81 students. Their average cumulative GPA was 3.57. On the DAT, the average student scored 20 points for all three metrics: academic average, perceptual ability and total science.

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