The F1 Visa is a student visa to the United States of America. Anyone who has an F1 Visa is a student in college who is studying abroad. The United States puts certain limits on students who have an F1 Visa, such as only allowing students to work a total of 20 hours a week and only on-campus, as well as maintaining full-time status in a college while attending school. It is possible for a F! Visa-holder to become a permanent resident if he or she takes the appropriate steps.

Follow the laws regarding the F1 Visa. Do not try working more than you are allowed or off-campus and always enroll for full time status. If you break the laws regarding your visa, you risk being sent out of the U.S. and losing the ability to come back later.

Obtain a degree. In general, having a master’s degree or higher makes you more likely to obtain a green card. Otherwise, you need a degree in a field with high demand, such as nursing. In most job fields, earning a master’s degree is best before trying to get a green card.

Get a job related to your degree. F1 Visa holders are able to work for one year in the United States after graduation as a training period before they must go back or re-enroll in school. Take advantage of the one-year time slot and gain a job. Ask for sponsorship at the job.

Fill out the U.S. resident paperwork when the company you work for starts the sponsorship. If you are sponsored by your employer, you can obtain a green card.


If you marry an American citizen, you can obtain a green card without your job sponsoring you. Instead, your new spouse sponsors you.

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