Students fail out of nursing school for a variety of reasons. Nursing programs, which range in difficulty based on the type of nursing specialties being studied and the actual program itself, are often challenging. Therefore, if you fail a program the first time around, you often have opportunities to get back into the school and continue the training or start completely over.

Repeat Options

Some nursing colleges, such as at the University of Wisconsin's School of Nursing, offer repeat options. This option is available to students who drop out of the program or fail and wish to try again. A repeat option gives students the chance to restart their studies by retaking the courses that were failed. Once a student proves she can pass the classes, she can continue on through the program. Before starting a nursing program it is wise to ask the school about the on repeating courses and programs for failed students.

Transferring Schools

If you fail out of one nursing school, you get back to your studies by applying to another nursing school and seeing if your completed credits will transfer. Even if the credits you already earned do not transfer, other nursing schools may accept you into the program, regardless of the fact that you failed out of the previous school. To get into a new school you must complete the application process and wait for a new semester to start. You should speak to an admissions counselor to find out the details of getting accepted into a new school.


The nursing school you attend may have an appeals process for appealing a suspension from the program based on failed grades. If you fail a course, or your entire semester, you might appeal the school's decision to expel you from the program. The appeals process requires you to make an argument defending your plea and desire to for readmittance into the school. If allowed back in after the appeal is voted in your favor, you may be placed on academic probation as part of the negotiation. Academic probation is your one-time shot to keep grades up and not fail again.

Taking Time Off

Some students fail out of nursing school the first time around because they aren't in the right place in your life for school. It's okay to take time off from the program and do what you need to do to get back on track. For some, this may include taking time to study the subjects that caused you the most trouble in the program. You could hire a private tutor and seek additional help in those areas. Once you feel ready to continue, you can reapply to the program or try for a new one.

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