Many people believe in order to make more than $100,000 a year in a down economy, advanced degrees such as a master's or doctorate are required. This is simply not true. Those with bachelor's degrees can make six-figure salaries, but the key is combining educational accomplishments with real life experience. It also is important to choose a degree that is in demand in the current job market. There are several career paths that will make it easier to make $100,000 or more annually.

Bachelor of Science-Professional Pilot

Pilots have the potential to make nearly $120,000, but it is important for an aspiring pilot to combine a Bachelor of Science-Professional Pilot degree with many flight hours. The more hours a student studying to be a pilot logs in the air, the better chance he has of being hired as a pilot. However, formal education, such as a Professional Pilot degree, gives a candidate a leg up in the hiring process. At Utah Valley University, a Bachelor of Science-Professional Pilot degree is a four-year program which requires 28 credits in aviation courses.

Bachelor of Arts-General Business Administration

One of the highest paying jobs in America is a Chief Executive Officer, or CEO. It is possible to obtain this position with just a bachelor's degree, as long as there is plenty of work-related experience combined with it. A CEO can make up to $160,000 or more each year. Michigan State University offers a General Business Administration degree, which allows a student to get a broad overview of the business management world. This four-year program requires a student to choose a specialization within the major, choices include accounting, finance and management. In addition, many students in this program take on internships that help them gain real life experience.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

With technology advancing each and every day, one up and coming career is computer engineering. Computer engineers can earn about $100,000 annually, and all that is required is a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. It is important for computer engineers however to continue taking training courses and working in the field, as it is changing constantly and employers want the most well-rounded individuals. University of California, Irvine offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree. This degree is highly focused on math and engineering, with the majority of courses being engineering courses.

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