Ashford University, founded in 1918, is a private, four-year college located in Clinton, Iowa. The college offers 25 degree programs. Tuition costs $7,860 per semester, based on figures for the 2010-11 school year. Many students use financial aid to help them pay for their college education at Ashford. One form of aid comes directly from the school, which offers a select number of scholarships to university students. The primary scholarships offered by Ashford University are based on academic performance. They are only available to on-campus students. Students who are strictly taking online courses do not qualify for the scholarships. None of the scholarships cover fees, books or room and board.

President’s Scholarship

The President’s Scholarship at Ashford University is available to students who have a cumulative 3.50 grade-point average based on a 4.00 scale. The scholarship covers full tuition. The school uses high school grade point averages for freshman students and cumulative college grade point averages for current and transfer students. The scholarship is renewable after the first year, and the renewal is subject to students’ ability to maintain a cumulative 3.50 college GPA.

College Facts and Stats about Ashford University

Provost’s Scholarship

The Provost’s Scholarship is a step down from the President’s Scholarship. It provides students an annual award of $12,500, based on school year 2010-11 figures, to be applied toward tuition costs. Students must have a GPA between 3.25 and 3.49 to qualify for the scholarship. It also is renewable for up to four years.

Dean’s Scholarship

Ashford University students who do not meet the GPA requirements for the President’s or Provost’s scholarship can earn a Dean’s Scholarship. For the 2010-11 school year, this scholarship provided $10,000 annually for students enrolled full-time at Ashford University. To qualify, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 to 3.24.

Ashford Opportunity Grant

While the university only offers three scholarship programs, students also can apply for an Ashford Opportunity Grant. The grants are need-based and help students who cannot afford the costs of attending the university. Students must fill out a grant application, which requires them to complete an essay. The applications must be returned to the school’s admissions office. Ashford University’s Scholarship and Grant Committee reviews the applications and decides on awards.

Athletic Scholarships

Ashford University features eight men’s and nine women’s competitive sports teams. Each team awards some players with sports scholarships. These scholarships cover full tuition. The school is a member of the NAIA, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. The association limits the number of scholarships schools can award in each sport. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis, but scholarships are generally renewed for four years

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