Both architecture and interior design are practical art forms that are relevant in all interior and exterior aspects of building. A wide range of schools across the country offer degrees in each concentration. By examining several fundamental aspects of schools that have architecture and interior design majors, it becomes clear which school could be right for your specific wants and needs.

University of Cincinnati

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the University of Cincinnati, as part of the college of design, architecture, art and planning offers undergraduate degrees in both architecture and interior design. The four-year Bachelor of Science degree in architecture culminates in a senior capstone project. Faculty member Michael Zaretsky helped students design a medical clinic for rural Tanzanians, won a prize from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and is a testament to the expert faculty on staff and the real life experience acquired by attending such a program. The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design takes five years to complete. "DesignIntelligence" rated the program at no. 2 in the nation, according to the department's website.

Boston Architectural College

The Boston Architectural College in Boston, Massachusetts, offers students a Bachelor of Interior Design degree as well as a Master of Interior Design. The Bachelor of Interior Design program focuses primarily on the character and use of space as opposed to other programs that are invested in aesthetic or structural approaches. Instructors are professionals in their fields. As part of the Master of Interior Design program, students can expect to complete their degree in three and a half years and become fully engaged in professional practice in design firms, earning income and degree credits.

New York Institute of Technology

Students that attend the undergraduate architecture program at the New York Institute of Technology commit to the Bachelor of Science in Architecture Technology program that takes two years to complete. In addition to the design studios and architectural history courses required by all students to take in order to fulfill the degree requirements, students also are exposed to such classes as English composition, math, physics, fine arts, economics and other liberal arts-based courses. Accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board, the degree may also lead to New York State licensure.

The New School

Located in New York City, The New School’s Interior Design and Architecture Studies program develops students’ abilities in space design. The core curriculum for interior design prepares students with the necessary skills to be proficient in drafting, rendering, space layout, interior materials and methods. As students progress through the program, they are expected to engage in critical analysis.

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