A nursing career is filled with benefits. From job security and career flexibility, nursing is a smart job choice for those who also have the calling to care for others at some of the most difficult times in their lives. To become a nurse, a student has many levels of education to complete.

The standardized National Council Licensure Examination is a required test that each state board of nursing uses to determine if a student is prepared to practice nursing on an entry level. This test can feel daunting and many ask what are the odds of passing NCLEX with 75 questions answered correctly.

Be Prepared for the NCLEX

After applying for a license from the state board of nursing where you reside, you will have to take the NCLEX. Once you have been notified with a NCLEX Examination Candidate Bulletin you can register with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Once your eligibility to be able to take the exam is verified, an Authorization to Take the Test, or ATT, will be sent to you along with a list of testing centers and instructions on how to make an appointment to sit down for the exam.

Subjects on NCLEX

The test is made up of a variety of question formats. There are multiple drag and drop answers as well as fill in the blank and multiple choice. The length of the test depends on the time it takes the participant to answer the questions. Subjects to study include effective care environments, physiological integrity, psychosocial integrity and health and promotion maintenance.

Odds of Passing NCLEX with 75 Questions

What is the likelihood of passing NCLEX with 75 questions? The NCLEX 75 questions fail rate is not something that can easily be monitored for a few reasons. Test takers abilities are assessed on the NCLEX with a computerized adaptive testing technology. The computer recalculates the test takers estimated ability after each question, which means that no two tests are alike.

The assessment is based on the level of difficulty of the question and whether or not the test taker answered it correctly. Once the computer is 95 percent certain that the candidate has passed or failed, it ends the test. There are a minimum number of questions a nurse has to complete before the computer can come to this assessment, which are 75. However, the number of questions can go as high as 265.

Once you have answered 75 questions, the computer compares your score with the NCLEX passing standard. If it determines you have passed or failed, the test ends. If it is unsure that you passed or failed, it will continue the test until it knows with at least 95 percent accuracy that you either passed or failed.

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