The LPN (or Licensed Practice Nurse) school program is the most basic nursing education available. In many hospital and academic settings, LPN positions are now being phased out in favor of the closely related but more extensive RN (Registered Nurse) degree practicum. In Massachusetts, several schools now offer two- to three-year nursing programs with no wait list (time and space dependent) and only basic requirements, including a high school diploma or minimal college classes.

North Shore Community College

Located in Danvers, near the northeast coast of Massachusetts, is North Shore Community College. Just roughly 20 miles from Boston, NSCC offers a two-year associate nursing degree program that prepares students to pass the state nursing exam and become registered nurses. The transcript requirements to enter the program include Cs or better in high school algebra, biology and chemistry and, according to the program's website, "satisfactory achievement in the TEAS entrance examination for Schools of Nursing." The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a basic 170-question, multiple-choice test covering math, English, science and language that is administered to anyone entering a nursing program.

Berkshire Community College

Located in Pittsfield, Berkshire Community College is home to a state-renowned LPN certificate program of study. Requirements before entering the program include basic math, biology, English and psychology classes, most of which should have been fulfilled in high school. Perspective students may enroll in the Liberal Arts Pre-LPN program to satisfy any unfulfilled requirements before advancing to the actual LPN program. Completion of studies prepares students to take the national LPN exam.

Quinsigamond Community College

In Worcester, the Quinsigamond Community College offers an LPN certificate program and several related degrees to prepare students for a career as a registered nurse. Basic English and math prerequisites may be waived if the applicant can be placed into higher-level classes based on their college placement test. Admission into the program is contingent upon approval by the faculty and a composite score of 60 percent on the TEAS entrance exam.

Northern Essex Community College

Northern Essex Community College is located in Haverhill, near the state's northern border with New Hampshire. Students must complete Anatomy and Physiology I and II, along with Psychology 110, before being accepted to the program. Other requirements may be taken as co-requisites while enrolled in the LPN certificate program. In addition, according to the program website, "Students are required to carry professional liability insurance" upon entering, and throughout their time studying for the LPN certificate.

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