The American Heart Association strives to educate the public about cardiovascular diseases and issues. It aims to help create a healthier America. The organization provides educational programs, funding for health care and research and heart-healthy campaigns in an attempt to curb the prevalence of heart disease. Moving beyond heart disease and cardiovascular health, the American Heart Association also participates in other causes, such as providing scholarships to college students.


Besides providing scholarship money to college students to defray the costs of a college education, the American Heart Association scholarships also encourage students to pursue degrees in medicine, nursing, public health and nutrition. According to the American Heart Association, the student scholarships promote interest in the medical field by providing tuition money to future doctors, researchers and medical professionals.


American Heart Association scholarships come from several groups and organizations. The American Heart Association scientific council sponsors two awards, the Student Scholarships in Cerebrovascular Disease and the Student Scholarships in Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke. Other scholarships come from a joint venture between the American Heart Association and another group or organization. Partnering with the Northwest Airlines Pilots Wives Club, the American Heart Association sponsors the Minnesota Heart Research Scholarships.


Most of the American Heart Association scholarships come in the form of research grants and awards; they go to graduate and doctorate students. The two council-sponsored scholarships are intended for students in medical school, as well as students who are at masters or doctorate levels of study for cardiovascular research. Scholarships can also be used for educational needs outside a traditional college or university, such as the Physical Activity and Public Health Course Research Scholarship. This award helps a student attend the PAPH courses, which are intended to educate about public health in the United States.


Each scholarship varies in the amount of money it provides, the number of awards handed out a year and ways the scholarship money should be used. The council-sponsored scholarships award $2,000 that is to be used for research costs, such as lab fees and students expenses. Some scholarships are intended for a certain type of student, such as the Minnesota Heart Research Scholarships, which can only go to students who are Minnesota residents.


The process to apply for American Heart Association scholarships differs depending on the award. All require an application process, and some also require an essay, such as the Minnesota Heart Research Scholarships, which require a student to write an essay on his career goals. Information on all the American Heart Association scholarships can be found on the American Heart Association Website (see Resources).

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