Agricultural development is aimed at improving efficiency in the production of consumable goods. Proper efficiency means spending less money and using fewer resources to increase benefit. Agricultural theses can provoke the analysis of different aspects of crop growth, innovative farming techniques, resource conservation and applied economics. Analysis results can debunk and justify methods for incorporating agricultural development in urban areas, integrating pastoral and crop farming and implementing resource conservation tactics that help maintain sustainable economies.

Producing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Urban Restaurants

The title "Producing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Area Urban Restaurants" is a suitable thesis proposal for examining the benefits of establishing an inner-city garden to supply local public food establishments. To create a sound assessment, the agricultural student can choose a representative sample of participating restaurant owners and their produce buyers to determine what fruits and vegetables they use. To evaluate need, surveys can ascertain the distance and lengths buyers will go to obtain fresh produce and how much they spend weekly or monthly in their quests. Results of this thesis research can be used to justify grant money for the establishment of an urban garden.

Using Chickens to Generate Greenhouse Heat

The title "Using Chickens to Generate Greenhouse Heat" suggests a research proposal to see how much heat can be generated naturally on a farm without incurring further expense from buying heat lamps, especially during winter seasons. This thesis would have to be backed by scientific research or literature reviews showing the amount of heat naturally emitted from one chicken. This calculation can then be multiplied to determine how many chickens would be needed to add heat to a specified enclosed square footage area.

Evaluating Conservation Agriculture in the Developing World

The title "Evaluating Conservation Agriculture in the Developing World" proposes to explain how specific conservation agricultural practices affect the economic development and prosperity of a particular under-developed area. Agricultural resources that are scarce have to be identified, along with practices to conserve these resources. In areas where conservation practices are implemented, longitudinal research can be performed to assess the viability of conservation and the long-term benefits of implementation to the community at large.

The Impact of Grafted Potatoes on Soil

"The Impact of Grafted Potatoes on Soil" is an analysis of soil quality for the management of soil-borne disease and eventual increased potato growth. Testing of this thesis can be done by comparing the number and quality of potatoes produced under grafting conditions with those yielded from a single shoot.

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