Pursuing education in colleges and universities in United States is a challenge because of costly tuition. It is even more challenging to foreign students who have to contend with accommodations and other expenses. Foreign students have to search for institutions that will offer them quality education at a relatively affordable tuition fee. A foreign student should consider institutions that are eligible for financial aid, to cut more on up-front cost.

Berea College

Berea College, a school in the United States, provides 100 percent funding to all registered foreign students. This is only for the first year. The college provides financial assistance and scholarships for tuition, room and other fees. After the first year, however, students are expected to offset their tuition expenses by $1,000 USD. International students accepted at Berea College are required to pay $50 for an entrance fee and a deposit of $2,200 for confirmation and can be used later during the four-year education.

Princeton University

Princeton University is an Ivy league school and one of the six colleges in United States that offer need-blind admission -- admission irrespective of financial position -- which simply states Princeton will accept students regardless of whether or not they can pay for tuition as long as the student "meets their full demonstrated need with a 'no loan' aid package," according to Princeton's's website. The need-blind and full-need policy is granted toward foreign or international students the same as U.S. students. Princeton calculates a family's ability to pay by using a formula. It only requires 5 percent from students' savings, and offers grants for the difference. The average tuition, fees and other expenses are $52,180, as of 2011, and $24,744 is provided through grants.

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Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University offers financial assistance to international students through emergency loans. It also incorporates scholarships, and grants to both residents and non-residents students. International students are eligible for the University Merit Scholarships, the students must have attended an American School in another country or sat for ACT or SAT exam. This makes learning bearable for foreign students. The state of Louisiana has the largest number of foreign students with an average of 5,629 students.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is a diverse institution with an average tuition cost of $56,000, and offers grants and merit aid worth more than $75 million. University of Chicago offers a need-blind admission, admitting students irrespective of their financial situation. It helps its international students adapt to the environment and settle in their study through an International affairs office. It also offers scholarships based on merit.

San Diego State University

San Diego State University offers financial aid to foreign students. It offers undergraduate and graduate scholarships based on merit and entrance categories. It offers scholarships such as Global Citizen scholarship for incoming freshmen with an F-1 Visa, which is a visa given to a full-time foreign student. It also offers tuition waivers to top students in graduate programs.

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