Proponents for boy-only schools attract people who want a choice over coed schools. The increase in single-gender schools has sparked a strong movement for advocates to defend them by stating advantages such as the absence of female competition and teachers being able to embrace the unique learning styles of boys who have more defined interests in their studies and more engagement in extracurricular activities.

Participation in Activities

Young men in same gender schools can place their attention on participating in extracurricular team activities instead of focusing on forming dating relationships. According to the article, Six Advantages of All Boys' Schools, written in the "Orange County Newsletter," boys who attend all-boys schools are more likely to be engaged in enrichment courses such as art, music, dance and foreign languages and even at advanced levels. According to the National Association for Single Sex Public Education, boys in same sex schools are more likely to participate in community service activities and give back to the community.

Foster Lasting Friendships

Boys who attend all-boys schools have opportunities to interact with each other and form friendships where they discover each other’s mutual interests and can explore them together. Boys tend to form lasting relationships as they communicate in and out of class in sports activities, competitions and other extracurricular activities. The spirit of competition helps foster relationships that they carry during their school years and beyond.

Accommodations for Boys

In all-boys schools, teachers have more of an impact in delivering curriculum as they can focus on research-based strategies of how boys learn. According to the article, Six Advantages of Boys' Schools, boys absorb information better in cooler temperatures; and with the absence of girls, teachers and school administrators can focus on proven strategies that increase learning and are more accommodating for boys. Teachers are more accepting of boys' physical movement by embracing their natural desire to move about the room, be curious and touch objects as they learn.

No Comparison to Girls

Teachers and administrators may favor boys over girls, so with the absence of girls this issue becomes a nonfactor. Proponents of boys-only schools contend that teachers may treat boys and girls differently, which can lead to boys receiving a disproportionate share of attention in coeducational classrooms. In all-boys school, gender comparisons do not exist.

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