Harvard University has a reputation for excellence, and it's ranked regularly among the nation's top universities. Its graduate Divinity School has the same reputation for excellence, and admissions are competitive. The admissions committee reviews students based on overall academic profile, work and personal experience, GRE test scores and other indicators of academic ability and research interests. Students can increase their chances of admission by getting the best grades and scores they can and assembling an exceptional application package.

Develop a Stellar Academic Record

Harvard Divinity School says it reviews the complete academic history of each applicant and takes into account the strengths of every application. As such, it doesn't set a minimum grade point average. However, admissions are competitive, and students who have the best grades will have the best chance of admission. The average GPA for undergraduate students admitted to Harvard is 4.1, according to "The Princeton Review." The Divinity School doesn't publish the average GPA for students it admits. Besides getting good grades, students who are interested in attending the Divinity School should take the most academically challenging curriculum they can to showcase their academic abilities, and choose coursework that is relevant to religious studies to show their dedication to the field.

Get Good GRE Scores

Applicants to Harvard's Divinity School must take the Graduate Record Exam revised general test. Though the admissions committee says grades, personal essays and recommendations are the primary criteria for acceptance, the GRE can provide valuable information about students' academic abilities, especially if they're making a career change from another field or did not complete a lot of humanities coursework as an undergrad. There is not a minimum score for the GRE and the school doesn't publish averages for admitted students. Students should try to get the best GRE scores possible to improve their chances of admission.

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Write a Stellar Essay

All applicants must submit a 1,000-word statement of purpose, and applicants to the Master of Divinity or Master of Theological Studies program must also submit a 500-word essay. One criteria the admissions committee uses to select applicants is the fit between their goals and the program. Applicants can increase their chances of admission by reviewing faculty research projects and areas of study and aligning them with their own research goals. Students who have clearly defined research interests and whose research interests complement those of the faculty will have a better chance.

Get Strong Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required for admission to the Divinity School. These letters are a good opportunity for the admissions committee to get to know an applicant's strengths, background and character. Students should ask professors, work supervisors or community leaders who are familiar with their academic and professional work to write the letters and touch on their accomplishments. Letters of recommendation are given weight in the admissions decision, so it's worthwhile for students to get the best letters they can.

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