There is a Chinese proverb that says, "Tell me, I will forget; show me I may remember; involve me and I will understand." So it goes for learning a language. If you are fully involved in not just the grammar or syntax, but immersed in both the culture and language of a people, the language flows easier for you. Studying abroad or using the Internet are only a few of the activities that help you to learn and become immersed in the English language.


Online ESL sites have various types of games that you can play to exercise your English skills. At, you can find grammar, vocabulary, and even puzzle games. This is a thorough resource for practicing your English skills. At, an Arabic Web page helps you navigate learning English. This page offers frequently asked questions, games, and activities. There are even podcasts to practice your listening skills. If you should have any trouble, just click on the Arabic support documents.


Try your hand at creating your own rap music. At, you can create music first in Arabic, and then translate it to English. Then, you can perform it for your classmates or turn it into a contest for the classroom. You can also attend a musical performance and listen to how people describe their musical experience.

Cultural Activities

Host an international food party in which each person brings their own country’s dish. As the meal begins, each member describes the food item in English. You get to taste exciting food, learn about the tastes of international food, and try out your English. Another cultural activity is to share worship experiences. Classmates can go to a mosque, and then a church. Discuss the differences in worshipping and the similarities in English. Take a school trip to explore a shopping center. Discuss the differences of shopping in different countries, such as how the shops look. Stop and have a meal at the food court, and discuss the experience and what it feels like to have English spoken all around you. Go to an American football game. Talk about how that game is played differently from football around the world. Have a discussion in English describing how it felt to watch the game, and what you liked and disliked about it. has a listening library explaining life in America, from American holidays to national parks.

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