If you are on the fence about spending more time in a seat taking yet another test, do not forget about the benefits of taking the ACT. If you had a low GPA due to outside factors or simply a slump year, the ACT can increase your chances of gaining access to a college. Taking ACT practice tests online will help you pass this beneficial test to gain access to better job positions, financial aid and be noticed by college admission officials.

Why the ACT Is Important

It may seem like just another test in a long line of tests a student has to take at the end of high school, but the ACT provides a beneficial service. When applying to universities, the ACT gives admissions officers a way to judge a particular student’s academic preparedness for their institution. All of the major 4-year colleges in the United States accept the ACT, and some even require it to apply. Once you have gained entrance to a college, they put your ACT score into their annual statistics.

Benefits of the ACT Test

The ACT can help students understand where they may be lacking in their college preparedness. The fact that you can take it multiple times throughout the year makes the ACT a good way to gauge what subjects you excel at and which areas you need to give more attention. Once you have passed the ACT, you can apply to more scholarships that are made available to you, if you are above a certain score. This can also give you an edge on your counterparts vying for college admissions as well as financial aid. Aside from college, a solid ACT score can set you up for a better position with a business or institution. Your resume will float to the top of the pile with an ACT score that show you had the fortitude to study and pass this major test.

ACT Test Online

Another beneficial part of the ACT is that ACT test dates are abundant all year long. The ACT test is administered seven times per year. Be prepared to take the test in September, October, December, February, April, June and July. The ACT can be taken up to 12 times in total. While you more than likely will not have to sit down and grind through the ACT test 12 times, it is not a bad idea to take the test more than once. The ACT sign up online is made easy with the ACT registration taking a few minutes at a user-friendly website.

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