Maybe it’s been a dream, maybe it’s a family tradition, but no matter where your desires began, you want to get into the University of Mississippi. Gaining entrance into the prestigious Ole Miss, as the institution is affectionately called by staff and alumni, requires a few good numbers from tests students take when exiting high school. The Ole Miss ACT requirements are only one part of a multi-level process to gain entrance into this veritable higher education institution.


The average ACT score for admission into Ole Miss is 25.

History of Ole Miss

The University of Mississippi is colloquially known as Ole Miss. The moniker comes from the student yearbook, which was first published in 1896. It derives from a southern term for a plantation owner’s wife, Ole Miss, that was mostly used by slaves in salutation to the woman of the main house. This has come under question many times over the years as to its appropriateness; however, it remains an affectionate term by those who attend or have graduated from the reputable higher education institution.

Purpose of the ACT

A high school student takes many tests when leaving for higher education. The ACT measures a student’s readiness to hit the ground running once he is accepted into an institution. It is one piece of data amongst piles of data that college admissions officers will consider when they are seriously considering a student for admission to the institution. The ACT is considered along with the GPA and any extracurricular activities in which the student participated and/or in which he excelled. The University of Mississippi does put a heavy emphasis on a solid ACT score; however, it is not the only data that the college admissions officers put in review of applicants. If you didn't do as well as you could have on the first ACT test, you can take the ACT up to 12 times a year.

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Ole Miss ACT Scores For Admission

The GPA, SAT and ACT are the main numbers a college admissions officer will look at before continuing through a hopeful student’s college application. The Ole Miss acceptance rate is around 79 percent, meaning that for every 100 students who apply, 79 are accepted into the prestigious school. That’s a healthy number for most students. If you meet the bare minimum of Ole Miss admission requirements, then you should be confident that you will receive a letter welcoming you to the school in the next term. The GPA that admissions officers look for is 3.54. The average ACT score for admission into Ole Miss is 25, making the university only moderately competitive for this score. The average SAT score is 1160.

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