According to a New York Times article by Fred M. Hechinger in 1982, people were understandably becoming suspicious of assessment tests and often felt vexed by the results. Such tests, including aptitude and achievement tests, have caused controversy among people who don't believe the results indicate how well some individuals will fare in the future. Aptitude tests often are given at national test facilities while achievement assessments are administered in classrooms.

Achievement Test: Access Knowledge Acquisition

Achievement tests are appropriate to access the knowledge acquired by the student in a specific subject in a course. The results are helpful in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the student, which help in formulating a strategy to assist him. Sometimes, the tests may help to unearth a student’s weaknesses as pertains to his overall academic ability. In this case, a student's teacher or family will use the data to come up with a suitable informal assessment to assist the student.

Aptitude Test: Hiring and Promotion

Aptitude tests are often used by employers during hiring and promotion to access a worker’s potential for development in the future. Unlike job interviews, recruiters can use aptitude tests to assess whether a job seeker can do the required job as per the expectations. These tests may point the prospective employer to the natural talents, weaknesses or strengths of his potential worker. In formulating an efficient test, the company conducts research and combines the tests with additional assessment tools.

Gaining College Entry

Both achievement and aptitude tests are important for people who want to gain admission into college or specific graduate programs. Both tests may measure students’ possession of certain skills, such as analytical, writing or verbal skills. In certain colleges, you would have to attain a certain score in subjects, such as reading or math before gaining admission. Aptitude tests may also used for people who wish to gain entry into military academies.

Achievement Test: Curriculum Improvement

Achievement tests help stakeholders in the education sector to evaluate the curriculum and come up with the modalities for its improvement. The evaluation focuses on various issues, such as the strength and limitations of the curriculum, important inputs to improve teaching and learning and the necessary information to institute policy decisions and strategic changes. Evaluating the curriculum and its subsequent improvement arises from the need to improve its learning on the student’s learning or achievement.

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