Transcripts are a clear way of writing out academic accomplishments. They typically consist of the student's personal information, titles of classes taken, class grades or other status, and overall grade point average. High schools process these for all students in the school. Home-school teachers must know how to write a transcript. However, knowing how to write a transcript may help you better understand reading a transcript in any situation. Creating a high school transcript for college acceptance is mandatory.

Write the student's personal information at the top of the paper. This can include name, school, class year, class rank, attendance and the cumulative GPA for the student.

Write out each year divided into quarters, semesters or however the school year was divided. Begin with the earliest year and work downward on the paper. Under each year write titles such as "Spring Semester" or "Fall Semester" to divide up the years.

Write out the class titles under the year and semester in which they were taken. As long as they are grouped by the academic term in which they were taken, the classes don't have to be listed in any particular order.

Write the grade next to each class. This can be written out in a letter grade such as "A+" or in numeric form such as "4.0". It can also be a "P" for pass or "F" for fail if taken on a pass fail basis.

Write the number of credits earned for each class at next to the grade. Write the total number of credits below the list of credits for each class. If the class was not completed this can be left as a "0".

Write the GPA for each semester or term under the list of classes taken for each semester or term. Put the total credits earned and the cumulative GPA for those credits either at the top or bottom of the transcript. You might also include a total of credits required alongside credits earned.

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