A personal statement lets a student state his goals and communicate his ultimate mission. If you need to write a personal statement for a communications studies program, it should focus on what you hope to gain from the experience. The statement should be well written, increasing the likelihood of being accepted to the program.

Step 1

Make a list of your goals and the reasons why you want to major in communications.

Step 2

Order the list in terms of what is most important to you. A personal statement is more effective when you let your convictions govern the comments instead of writing what you think the reader wants to hear.

Step 3

Write one statement that encompasses the main reason why you want to enter the program. This should be the first sentence of your personal statement.

Step 4

Follow with three or four more reasons why you want to enter the program and what it would mean to you. Mention the focus of study you plan to pursue.

Step 5

Proofread your paper and fix any grammatical mistakes. Have at least two other people read it over, too, including anyone whom you consider a good writer.

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