When weighing the merits of a speech, you should consider several factors. An effective speech should be inspiring, responsive to its audience and flow with ease. There should be no ambiguity to the intended message. When reviewing a speech, give equal weight to content and delivery. A memorable speech should be alive on paper and when spoken. A review should be easy because in your gut you will know a winning speech.

Be resolved to be fair in your assessment. This might sound obvious, but a truly exceptional speech is rare.

Consider the beginning of the speech. Is it inclusive? Does it you make you take pause?

Examine the content of the speech for believability. A good speech should take you on a journey. The speech should be well-organized and contain metaphors that can paint a picture for the listeners.

Check for famous quotes or references. Was the speech well-researched and well-executed?

Review the conclusion to see if it tied up themes. Did it end on a high note? Was there a call to action?

Think about the speech after you have read it or heard it delivered. A good speech should resonate with you and leave you feeling uplifted.


Give constructive criticism in your review.



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