Writing a research report log involves gathering and exploring research ideas. You enter how you develop your research topic. Information is entered chronologically regarding your research activities and includes the decisions you make along the way, as well as how the new information changes your perception and opinions regarding the subject you are researching. A log helps you keep track of the exploration of the subject of your research.

Step 1

Type your research log entries into your personal computer. In today's world where personal computers have become so ubiquitous, you will save a lot of time by researching and typing notes directly into your computer. Make sure your computer is reliable so you do not lose your research data. Remember that one of the benefits of log reporting is that it enables you to learn organizational skills.

Step 2

Pick a topic for your research paper. Start your log by entering information on how you weighed various research ideas. Enter into your log what topics you evaluated and how you ended up with the choice you made. If you sought assistance from a professor or your classmates, cite that in your log notes. Writing a research log is a discovery process, so make sure you include everything that intrigues you as you explore your subject.

Step 3

Do not forget to enter research information such as library sources, online resources and interviews with classmates or experts. Make sure your notes are clear and written chronologically. This is crucial because the notes will form the basis of the annotated bibliography of your research paper. Make writing notes into your journal a daily routine to avoid procrastination.

Step 4

Enter dates you used for each source, citing information and all the data that you consider relevant to your research. For instance, you could indicate you went to the Library of Congress on January 11, 2011, and found an article on how political vitriol endangers the lives of elected officials, if you are trying to explore the increasing divide between Americans on the right and left of the political spectrum. Write why the contents of the article are relevant to your research. Does the article expand your research web? Indicate whether you agree with the assertion of the article.

Step 5

Cite the author and publication in which the article was printed. Take notes extensively to give you enough material to work with when writing your research and producing your annotated bibliography. You will need to cite works you gleaned your research data from when you finally write your paper. Works cited and annotated notes are similar in their functions. They appear at the end of your research paper on a separate page and list all the sources in your paper in alphabetical order. Take detailed notes during research to make writing your annotated bibliography easier.

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