If you are a professional in the field of physical therapy, a student may approach you for a recommendation letter. For doctoral programs, schools look for specific qualities in candidates -- beyond good grades. Professional recommendations provide details about the candidate, including a comprehensive analysis of her character and skill level. Before beginning your letter, obtain school-specific information about the physical therapy program for which the student is applying.

What PT Schools Seek

A doctoral program in physical therapy consists of upper-level courses in anatomy, biology and physiology. Some schools also require statistics and ethics classes. Doctoral programs want their admitted students to be successful, so they depend specific indicators. You can help convince the admissions team that your candidate will succeed by detailing his academic skills, study habits and demonstrated passion for the material.

Applicant's PT Background

Most doctoral applicants need a recommendation from a current physical therapist, but not all recommenders must have a PT background. If you fall into the latter category, you can still help the student by providing related information. Include knowledge and experience the applicant has acquired in physical therapy, as well as details surrounding her work ethic. Recommendations in related fields, such as orthopedic and chiropractic care, may also be considered helpful to applicants entering a PT doctorate program

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