An opinion paragraph, or a short opinion essay, is a type of short argumentative text that writers use to state their beliefs. The best opinion paragraphs make the author’s beliefs clear and back them up with solid reasoning. Because they are based on opinion and not on inarguable facts, a good opinion paragraph can still leave room for differing points of view. To write an opinion paragraph, you will need to determine your subject first. After that, plan out your reasoning using writing strategies.

Determine the Subject of Your Opinion Essay

In many instances when you are asked to write an opinion essay or paragraph, your teacher will give you a prompt. If he or she does not, brainstorm topics that you have an opinion on. These topics must be concepts that can be argued, not facts that everyone agrees on. For example, a bad opinion paragraph would argue that the sky is blue. A good opinion essay might argue that kids should learn how to drive earlier, so they can take themselves to school.

Plan Your Opinion Essay with an Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer

Whether your teacher gives you an opinion writing graphic organizer or not, your writing will get better if you learn how to use one. Any opinion writing graphic organizer will look relatively the same. Most incorporate shapes to look like a hamburger or a sandwich cookie. If your teacher didn’t give you an opinion writing graphic organizer, you can draw one yourself by making five rectangles on your sheet of paper. Fill them in with the Oreo writing strategy.

Use the Oreo Writing Strategy

The Oreo writing strategy will help you write a well-balanced opinion text. OREO stands for Opinion, Reasoning, Explanation, Opinion. Write these words in the boxes of your opinion writing graphic organizer. To fill them in, state your opinion in the first box. In the next box, give a reason why your opinion is true. In the third box, use two sentences to explain your reasoning. Explanations present ideas so that anyone can understand them. Finally, complete your paragraph by restating your opinion. Don’t write it exactly the same way. Write it with fresh phrasing instead, so your reader can better understand your point.

Revise Your Work

As with any writing, be sure to look over your work and correct any errors in spelling and grammar that you see. Sometimes it’s hard to see your own mistakes. So ask a friend to read your paragraph for you. You can even talk about your paragraph after they read it. If your opinion wasn’t convincing, you might consider revising your reasoning and explanation until your friend understands your point.

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