The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of nurses is expected to continue to rise through the year 2018, much faster than the average of other professions. To become a nurse requires specialized education and training, provided at community colleges and traditional universities across the country. Many colleges help students afford tuition by offering scholarships, which may be competitive, requiring a personal essay.

Step 1

Review the requirements for the scholarship to ensure you satisfy them. For example, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing's Linda Matthews Endowed Scholarship is only available to students pursing a Masters of Science in nursing with an oncology specialization.

Step 2

In beginning your essay, introduce yourself and give readers an idea of why you want to enter the field of nursing. Be specific: Instead of just "I would like to help sick people," say what has inspired you. For example, "After watching my grandfather suffer from Alzheimer's, I became interested in how to make patients with the disease more comfortable," or "I received excellent nursing care when I had my thyroid operation, and I want to pass that kindness along to others in need."

Step 3

Write about what the scholarship would enable you to do. For example, include coursework you would be studying at the college, such as fundamentals of human anatomy, general descriptive chemistry and elementary pathogenic microbiology.

Step 4

Provide details on any previous nursing experience you've had, including any volunteer work (working in a hospice, visiting elder care facilities).

Step 5

Include information about any nursing honor societies (such as Sigma Theta Tau) or industry associations you belong to, such as the National Student Nurse's Association or the Student Nurses' Association of Pennsylvania.

Step 6

Close the essay with a call to action on both your own part and the part of the scholarship review board. Actually ask for the scholarship and extend a promise to fulfill it: "Please give me your trust and support by awarding me this scholarship and I will make it my highest priority to uphold it through being the best nursing practitioner I can be."

Step 7

Proofread your essay or ask a parent or friend to read it. It's always a benefit to get a second pair of eyes on your work. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and poor grammar can reflect poorly on you.

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