Many people do not know how to write a five paragraph essay. However, writing an essay is basic, and can be done following a simple outline for almost any essay question.

Formulate your introduction. The purpose of an introduction is to explain to the reader EXACTLY what will be discussed in the outline. For example, if your essay question is "How do you save money, and what methods do you implement when doing so?", you would spell out the question: I save money in many different ways. I cut coupons (1st method), conserve electricity (2nd method), and do not eat at as many restaurants (3rd method). The secret is to list 3 methods or reasons to any essay question. My three methods are listed above, and each method will receive its own paragraph. I will use supporting details in each paragraph creating a 5 paragraph essay.

My first method of saving money will be my second paragraph and will look something like this: I like to cut coupons to save money. Every Sunday I look through the paper and make my shopping list. I then cut out coupons to use on my Friday grocery shopping trip. Cutting coupons saves me almost $25 each week. This is a short 4 sentence paragraph, but it explains all that the reader needs to know about coupons and saving money. You could always add more, but I wanted to keep it short.

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For this paragraph, you will explain your 2nd method- Conserve electricity: Another way that I like to save money is to conserve electricity. Conserving electricity not only helps the environment, but also lowers my monthly electric bill by about $30 each month. I am always careful to turn off lights after I leave a room, and I am diligent in making sure that my family does the same.

Again, you could add to this, but I think you get the point.

The next paragraph should describe your 3rd method of saving money:

The final way that I save money is by not eating out as much. I used to visit a restaurant at least once a week. Now I have cut back to once a month. Not only has it helped my budget, but not visiting restaurants has helped my waistline as well. I have actually lost weight!

This will be your conclusion that will tie your essay together. The purpose of a conclusion is to summarize your essay: I have found that by cutting coupons, conserving electricity, and eating out less, I have saved a considerable amount of money. I will continue to implement these methods throughout my life, and teach my children to do the same.


  • In you introduction, use the essay question to list three reasons or methods.
  • Each reason or method will receive its own paragraph
  • Indent when starting a new paragraph
  • Don't use slang, and spell check your essay!

Things Needed

  • pen
  • paper
  • Spell checker
  • computer

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