Education is expensive and any financial assistance is always welcome. If you are seeking a sponsor, you will need to write a letter that contains information about you such as your educational goals and plans for the future. You will also need to explain why you are seeking a financial assistance. A good education sponsorship letter can make the difference in obtaining a sponsor.

Address Letter

Address the education sponsorship letter properly by starting with the date, the full name of the individual and her title, such as "President" or "Chairman," if appropriate. Add the name of the company if this is a business entity. List the address including suite or floor numbers and include the zip code. Address the letter to "Dear (name of the person),". You may use first names only if you are personally acquainted with the person.


Develop a first paragraph where you introduce yourself and who you are. This should be a clearly written sentence or two at the most. An example would be: "My name is (your name) and I am the captain of the math team at All American High School in Centerville, USA. Our school math team competes against other high school math teams but we also work with elementary school students to encourage their interest in math." Keep the letter writing clear, concise and to the point throughout the letter.

Outline Need

Write a second paragraph that explains what you need and why need it. For example: "Every summer our math team attends a math camp. This year the math camp is inviting elementary students to attend. We would like to offer three math camp scholarships to the elementary students that we work with as an incentive to improve their math scores. We would be grateful if you would consider contributing to our goal."

Return on Investment

Develop a paragraph that outlines what the sponsor will get in return if he provides financial support. An example of this is, "In return for your valuable support, we will place your company name on our math team game shirts. We have contacted the local news and they will be doing a story about math camp. We will also display a banner indicating that your company is a sponsor at the math camp."

Cost of Sponsorship

Next, write a paragraph that explains how much the sponsorship will cost such as, "We will need $300 before June to award these scholarships but we would be grateful for any contribution. If you would like to contribute to our math camp scholarship program, please complete the attached sponsorship form, which is attached to this letter, and a check made out to (school name or organization). The paperwork and check are needed by (deadline date)." Check your figures; make sure that the amount you are requesting is correct.


Finally, prepare a final paragraph that states your appreciation for their time and consideration. Provide a contact name and phone number where that person can be reached in case there are any questions. Close the letter with, "Respectfully yours," and your name and position in the organization, if appropriate. Proofread for spelling and grammar issues before sending the letter to the potential sponsor.

Tracking and Files

If you are sending out more than one sponsorship request letter, create a file to keep track of to whom letters were sent, the date and their response. You may have to send a second letter or follow up with a phone call. While positive sponsorship responses are helpful, be prepared for your letter to not have a return on the time and energy spent writing it.

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