The type of clothing a pediatrician wears depends largely on where she works. Always, a pediatrician looks professional, clean and neat. Jeans and sweats are not appropriate for work.


When working in a hospital, a pediatrician may wear scrubs. Sometimes the scrubs are sanitized and given out daily by the hospital for doctors to wear. Other times, it is up to the pediatrician to purchase his own scrubs. Most often, hospitals ask the doctors to wear business casual clothing and save scrubs for operating rooms and sterile rooms.


When working in a doctor’s office, most pediatricians wear business-casual clothing with a doctor’s jacket—often a white coat. For men, dress slacks, a button-down shirt with or without a tie and a sports coat, if he is not wearing a doctor's coat, constitutes proper attire. For women, dress slacks or a skirt of appropriate length and a dress shirt are suitable. Clothes are ironed, not wrinkled.


Pediatricians choose clothing that is comfortable, but at the same time gives them a professional appearance. Since most doctors spend a lot of time on their feet, comfortable shoes are important. Sometimes pediatricians add kid-friendly accessories to their outfits or pin miniature stuffed animals to their stethoscopes.

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