For some students, especially those who work full-time or who have young children at home, attending classes on-campus is not convenient or possible. Indian River State College in Ft. Pierce, Florida, offers four degree programs that can be completed entirely through distance learning. Through the virtual campus at Indian River, students can enroll in a variety of general education courses as well as classes related to management, business administration and nursing.

Associate in Arts Classes

The Associate in Arts online degree program at Indian River College allows students to complete a large number of general education courses. All credits earned through the A.A. degree program can be transferred and used towards bachelor's programs at Indian River College, Florida state universities, and colleges throughout the country. Indian River offers a number of math related courses including Trigonometry, Math for Liberal Arts Majors, College Algebra, Pre-calculus and Calculus. Students can also take history and English classes including American History, World Literature, Critical and Creative Thinking, English Composition and American Government. Students seeking science credits can take a Life Science course or an introductory physics or chemistry course. Indian River College also offers introductory courses in economics, cultural anthropology and linguistics, philosophy, psychology, statistics and sociology.

Organizational Management Classes

The online Bachelor of Applied Science degree programs in organizational management at Indian River College are geared towards individuals seeking supervisory and leadership positions in health care, business and other related fields. Courses offered through this program address subjects related to management, which include: Leadership Management, Operations Management, Financial Management, Human Resources and Marketing Management, and Management Information Systems. Indian River also provides students with classes such as Legal and Social Aspects of Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Writing, Customer Relations and Strategic Planning. In addition to management classes, students can complete an accounting class for non-financial majors.

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Business Administration Classes

Indian River College's virtual campus offers a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration that will enable students to achieve success as private business owners or corporate professionals upon completion. Business administration classes available include decision making related topics such as Statistics for Business Decisions, Accounting for Decision Makers and Strategies and Technology for Entrepreneurship. Students interested in learning about business administration can also take courses including Corporate Finance, Perspectives on Leadership, Organizational Ethics and Values, and the Legal Environment of Business.

Nursing Classes

The online Bachelor of Science in nursing degree program at Indian River State College provides continuing education opportunities for registered nurses who wish to advance in their careers by acquiring leadership and management positions. Online classes relating to nursing include Assessment, Pharmacology, Pathophysiology and Theory. Indian River also offers courses that teach students about different aspects of nursing, such as Nursing in Diverse Cultures, Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing, Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care, Health Care Policy and Economics, and Nursing Research and Informatics.

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