After surviving an assassination attempt, Alex Rider is back in action in "Ark Angel," the sixth book in the "Alex Rider" series by Anthony Horowitz. In this installation of the series, the MI6 agent must stop the eco-terrorist group Force Three from blowing up the Ark Angel, a hotel that is being built in space. The exciting man-versus-man external conflict keeps the action pumping as the hero works to save the day.

Sinister Plot

Alex suspects something is not as it seems with Nikolei Drevin soon after he meets him, and getting to the bottom of his behavior is the first part of the external conflict for Alex in "Ark Angel." Nikolei invites Alex to his home and tells him all about plans for the Ark Angel after Alex saves his son's life. However, the pleasantries soon end and he tries to kill Alex two times. The external conflict intensifies as Alex learns who Nikolei is, and Nikolei learns about Alex's intelligence connections. Alex must uses all his resources to find a way to outwit Nikolei and his man at every turn to save the people of Washington, D.C.

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