A graduate thesis is a vital component of the requirements for students seeking to obtain their graduate degree. The thesis is a formal paper with a definite purpose that seeks to advance a point of analysis reached by the student in the course of research. Students are asked to come up with a new query, hypothesis or investigation and go forth to resolve or answer the question at hand.

Significance of the Work

The graduate thesis is a required work that candidates of various advanced programs, degrees and certifications must complete.

Thesis Types

The particular criteria, procedures, guidelines and style requirements of a graduate thesis differ according to the student's school, major or level of study.

General Features

A graduate thesis usually has a format that includes a title page, abstract, table of contents, body and inclusive bibliography.

Getting Ready

Within the thesis process, a student must present a prospectus -- this acts as a proposal and outline of sorts, conveying the intention of the thesis -- to the program's thesis committee.

Writing the Thesis

Students must illustrate the purpose of the paper, gather relevant data and resources, create an outline for their work, organize their findings and sources in an effective way, analyze, and finally write and present the completed work.

Approval and Defense

Once a graduate thesis is completed, it has to be signed off on and approved by faculty and thesis committee members. This could also include a thesis defense or oral examination, in which the student is asked questions regarding their overall work, research and conclusions.

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