The best study apps for students offer the flexibility to download applications on a personal mobile device. Usually, students on-the-go seek ways to be productive while studying or preparing for exams.

Phones and tablets help you design ideas to use technology to monitor and develop efficient study plans for your school work. Whether you have a device that runs on iOS or Android, consider apps that are best for your needs. As a student, you have enough to worry about in school that you want apps to be fast, efficient and to help you study.

Productivity Study Apps for Students

The best study apps for students are the ones that help with your productivity. That is, you want to maintain the momentum of studying and learning.

  • For instance, productivity apps encourage you to use the application in practical ways. iStudiez is one of the best study apps in productivity since the app acts as a personal assistant. As a time-management tool, iStudiez notifies you about homework, monitors your GPA and academic progress. 
  • Quizlet allows you to create digital flashcards on your device as well as see other users’ flashcards to study on the same or different topic. With Quizlet, you can also explore with videos, images or reviews.
  • ExamCountdown is an excellent way to remind you of coming-up exam dates or research paper due dates. With this study app download, you can use color coordination methods to categorize topics and time frames with minutes or days. 
  • As your days to enroll in a college approach during your senior year, you will most likely sign and send many documents. Use a simple app that helps with signing and sending documents. The Adobe Fill and Sign app offers a quick way to fill out and sign documents from your phone. You can also use the stylus pen or the Apple pencil to sign. 
  • Just like you need to send paperwork, you probably need to scan them. Use your phone as a scanner with the TinyScan app. As a study app download, you scan documents and send them via email or fax. In that way, you do not have to seek a fax machine or a computer to send an email.

Deadline Study Apps

Did you ever miss a deadline or wanted to jot down a quick note? With Evernote, you can easily set to-do lists, make quick notes and record audio notes. The Evernote app also tracks your notes, links, and audio recordings. The Penultimate app works similarly to the Evernote, but you can use a stylus pen.

Do you download or print a course syllabus or class schedule, but you have no way to organize them? In that case, you can use apps to map out and organize your class schedules. TimeTable and My Class Schedule are the best study apps for Android users. The Class Timetable is an ideal study app download for iOS users.

  • Studying is just as important as saving time when you need to remember passwords. Be efficient by using Google Authenticator to keep your passwords safe. The free app uses the two-factor authenticator feature on mobile devices to create a string of numbers so that you can use to verify your login credentials. 
  • Avoid hackers and save study time when you login using this app to school accounts, banking or social media profiles. 
  • The Dashlane app also helps you to store passwords securely. This study app download creates unique passwords and reenters them for you when you need them. 
  • Many of these study app downloads are available on iOS and Android. 

Study Apps for High School Students

Organization skills help you to develop good study habits and improve your grades. Many study apps for high school students motivate you to organize your school work. Whether you are at the library or coffee shop with internet access, you can easily access Google Drive.

The free app contains the word processing, spreadsheet and presentation features to help with essays and class presentations. You can also share and collaborate on your documents with others. To use Google Drive, you need a Gmail account. Similarly, OneDrive serves the same purpose for Hotmail account users.

Regardless of whether you use a web-based email account, you can also use DropBox. Use the Dropbox app to organize or download folders with projects, images, research papers and documents. Since DropBox is a cloud-based service app, you can easily share and sync with other devices. These study apps for high school students support you with more than organization. You can quickly implement these apps when you begin college.

Have you ever browsed through the internet or podcasts, but you want to bookmark or save your searches? The Pocket app helps you with making collections of the different searches from your web browser. Many times, you need to read articles later or watch videos at another time. With Pocket, you create collections for a later time.

Best Study Apps for Meditation

Besides helping you maintain your healthy study habits, these best study apps assist you with positive mental stimulation. Getting through the last semesters in high school can be stressful. Practice mental relaxation and positive thinking with study apps that help you meditate. For instance, Brain(dot)fm is an app with music to help you focus on studying and completing tasks.

Unlike classical music, Brain(dot)fm personalizes your music so that you achieve your studying and projects. Another best study app is Headspace to help you relax and meditate during stressful school times. The Headspace app allows you to use meditation skills to prepare for exams and studying. A valuable feature of the Headspace app is the emergency cool-down to help you when you are extremely stressed. Along with the study apps for high school students, developing a comprehensive study plan is essential for success.

Study Plan Apps for Students

Creating a study plan that works for you should emphasize the best ways that you learn and recall information. Before you start a study plan, many study apps help you along your journey.

  • The Soundnote app records lectures while you jot down notes. The most valuable feature of the app is that it searches your notes and correlates them with the audio. In the same way, a teacher may write plenty of useful information on a whiteboard. 
  • Office Lens helps you take a picture with your phone of the whiteboard and converts the data into PDF, Word document or PowerPoint presentation. 
  • While you take pictures to help you study, you can also use the Audio Memos Free The Voice Recorder to record lectures. When you develop a study plan, you want to have the necessary resources to study. 
  • Use the StudyBlue app to generate flashcards based on your course syllabus. Support your studying efforts with language skills apps.

Language Skills Study Apps

At some point during high school and beyond, you will write many essays and book reports. Use language skills study apps that can help you with grammar, vocabulary and reading.

  • For example, the Accelastudy Vocabulary Builder allows you to learn words using flashcards, repetition and quizzes to remember terms. Students preparing for the GRE, GMAT and LSAT widely use this app. The app is only available for iOS users. 
  • Do you want to learn a language in a fun way? Try Duolingo, an interactive mobile language app that helps you learn numerous languages using gaming interaction. 
  • While grammar and mechanics may not come easy, you can use the free Grammarly Keyboard that checks for spelling, mechanics and, of course, grammar. 
  • With all those papers you will write, you need an app to help you generate an accurate bibliography list. So use the EasyBib app that uses the barcode and title of a book to create a bibliography list in MLA, APA or Chicago style formats. 

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