What you wear to a college interview can be as important as your grades and extracurricular activities on your college transcript. By wearing the correct attire for the interview, you will make a particular statement to the interviewer about your sincerity and can make an good impression, which may help you get into the school.


Wear a suit to your college interview. Depending on what school you are interviewing at, a suit may be appropriate. If it is a prestigious school such as an Ivy League institution, a suit would be the best option for the interview. A black, gray or navy suit with a white shirt and matching tie would be a great simple way to assure the interviewer that you are serious about attending the school.

If not an Ivy League or prestigious school, a nice pair of dress slacks and a clean, pressed polo shirt may be appropriate. Although you do want to appear professional, suits are often overkill at schools where the students and professors prefer casual daily wear. Pick a pair of dark slacks and a matching polo shirt with clean dress shoes for a causal but put-together look.

Wear a sports coat and a pair of slacks instead of a matching suit if you are not sure what would be appropriate. This outfit lies somewhere between a polo and slacks and a suit and can be perfect for many different situations where the level of professionalism required is unknown.


Wear a business suit to a college interview to portray professionalism and respect for the institution. Many prestigious schools expect potential incoming freshmen to wear suits to their interviews. A woman can get away with more color choices than men, but a black, navy or gray business suit is always perfect for an occasion such as this. Make sure the suit is clean and pressed, the skirt is past the knees while standing, and the suit is tailored correctly to fit.

Wear slacks and a blouse to less casual interviews. This can be a very wise choice because there are many professional choices for clothing of this nature. Match the shoes, pants and blouse and make sure that the blouse is not revealing in any way. This outfit can be used for schools where formalities are not necessary and the interviewer has specified no particular dress code.

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