A warehouse and logistics specialist is responsible for the storage, distribution, inventory management and records maintenance of items in a warehouse. Warehouse logistics is an important component of supply-chain management, which emphasizes the receipt and proper storage of property. An individual seeking to work in a warehouse logistical environment should at the least obtain a high school diploma and have basic knowledge of data entry.

Stockroom Management

Stockroom management consists of the receipt and storage of property, reserve space allocation for property and items, and management of specialized storage requirements. Stockroom management also requires the physical upkeep of the stockroom by ensuring that labels for property are posted and that property is stored in the correct location. Another responsibility is to ensure that all receipts are processed in a timely manner.


Most warehouse and logistical centers consist of distribution activities. Distribution can operate as a warehouse-to-warehouse transfer of property or distribution to a retail point or depot. Distribution requests are submitted by a requester and sent via computer to a storage or stockroom area. The distribution request details the item, quantity, nomenclature and identification or stock number of the item. It is the responsibility of the logistics specialist to ensure the item is selected and shipped to the requester.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the process of collecting information on items that are in stock, properly identifying items and correcting discrepancies concerning items related to their quantity, nomenclature, item identification and part numbers. In most logistic operations, management creates an annual inventory schedule for each stockroom. It is the responsibility of the logistics specialist to perform the inventory by physically counting and verifying items in the stockroom. In addition to the annual inventory, special inventories can be requested when there are problems, such as an item shortage or stock number problem.

Records Maintenance

Records maintenance is the process of loading a new item (or an item record) into the logistics system for identification during the logistical process. Records must be accurate and detailed, with the correct information for order management, order requests, shipment of property, receipt of property and distribution of property. Records maintenance also includes establishment of stock levels and order quantities for items. In a typical warehouse and logistic operation, a person is usually designated and assigned as a records maintenance specialist.

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