With the advent of the Internet age, all aspects of society have been influenced, including education. Computers and the Internet are used in all levels of education, excluding perhaps preschool and grade school. But with more computer-like educational toys such as the LeapFrog, even younger students are learning with computers.

Higher Education

All universities and colleges in the United States are furnished with computer labs. Because many professors require their students to turn in typed documents, it is more convenient to have computer labs on campus for student use.

Faculty Usage

Teachers at all levels use computers to administer assignments, keep track of grades or offer online instruction. Many teachers use online resources in their daily lessons.

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Online Education

There is an entire "sub-industry" of education called "online education." Online education is done primarily through the usage of computers and the Internet where the student does the classwork from home.


In addition to books, video and other materials, self-directed learners often use computers to continue their education outside of, or in addition to, traditional facilities.

Social Networking

Popular networking sites like MySpace and Facebook can also be used for educational purposes, as some instructors integrate aspects of those sites into their lessons.

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