Pronouns are words used to replace nouns. Reflexive pronouns are used to refer back to the original noun or subject of the sentence. These pronouns include myself, yourself, himself and ourselves. Follow these tips to use reflexive pronouns properly in sentences.

Use reflexive pronouns to refer back to someone. For example, "I found myself lost." The word myself refers back to "I."

Place the reflexive pronoun after the subject to add emphasis to the word as in the sentences "I myself am lost" or "The book was given to the king himself."

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Notice that the reflexive pronoun can come at the beginning or the end of a sentence as long as it follows the subject it describes.

Make sure the sentence makes sense when you use a reflexive pronoun. You should not use a reflexive pronoun in the following sentence: She gave Ben and myself a ticket. The correct sentence should read, "She gave Ben and me a ticket."

Check the sentence by taking out Ben. In the first sentence, it would read "She gave myself a ticket" which sounds incorrect when read that way. The second sentence would read "She gave me a ticket." The second sentence is correct.

Use plural reflexive pronouns when you are talking about more than one person. For example, write "they hurt themselves" if you have more than one person. If you only had one person, you would use the pronouns he or she at the beginning of the sentence not they.

Write "itself" if you are referring to a thing instead of a person. For example, you would say "the cat hurt itself" not himself or herself when referring to an animal.

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