A bachelor's degree is an academic degree awarded for an undergraduate study that usually last for 4 years, or a total of 120 course hours. For many universities, there are several degrees available for undergraduates to major in as well as prepare for their future careers in an area of their choice.

Bachelor of Applied Science

A Bachelor of Applied Science degree is an undergraduate degree that covers an area of study relating to science and technology. A person majoring in this area is more likely to pursue a career in medical informatics, general engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering and biochemical engineering.

Bachelor of Arts

A Bachelor of Arts degree is awarded for an undergraduate program in liberal arts. There are four areas of concentration that students can choose from with this degree: humanities, social sciences, liberal studies and natural sciences. Areas of careers a person can pursue include criminal justice, computer science, communications, journalism, theater arts and English.

Bachelor of Business Administration

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree is awarded for any area of business studies. For this degree, the main concentration is to obtain a career as a manager, administrator or an executive secretary in a business or corporate office. Other career options include accounting, human resources and payroll.

Bachelor of Science in Education

The Bachelor of Science in Education degree is an undergraduate degree for those who want to become a teacher. This degree is for individuals interested in being licensed as an early childhood, elementary or special education teacher or who want to be a school administrator.

Bachelor of Nursing

The Bachelor of Nursing degree concentrates on preparing undergraduates for the field of nursing. Students will complete a series of courses and participate in clinical that will give nurses firsthand experience on procedures and training associated with nursing. This degree is also referred to as the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

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