FBI agents do a lot more than what's presented by Hollywood. They don't always raid houses with navy blue jackets or profile serial killers. In the ever-changing technological world, FBI employees cover a range of investigation and law enforcement, from terrorism to public corruption. Specific college degrees are assets that any aspiring agent must obtain.


To get into the accounting stream in the FBI, you must be certified as a CPA. Alternatively, you must have obtained at least a four-year degree in which you majored in accounting, as well as a lot of work experience; three years of work in an accounting firm, or in a public institution like the General Accounting Office. Accounting courses may include: Managerial Accounting, Concepts of Financial Reporting, Income Taxation, Accounting Information Systems, Business Valuation, Internal Auditing, Risk and Assurance, Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting, and Strategic Finance and Planning.

Computer Science/Information Technology

To get into the computer science/information technology entry stream in the FBI, you’ll probably have to prove that you have a degree related to computers or information technology. Alternatively, you’ll need an engineering degree. This means that taking a number of challenging computer related courses in college, including: Computer Science, Scientific Computation, Web Application Development, Mathematics and Computer Science, Architecture, Logic, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Pure Maths and Computational Logic, Computational Statistics, Object-Oriented Programming, and Robotics.

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To get into the language entry stream in the FBI, you’ll need to have a B.A. or B.S. in absolutely any discipline. So there’s a lot of flexibility with this stream. You’ll definitely need a lot of college courses to get in, but they can be about any subject, as long as they lead to a degree. There’s a catch though, whatever degree you have, you’ll need to prove that you’re proficient in a language that’s valuable to the FBI.


To get into the law entry stream in the FBI, you’ll need to have a J.D. degree from an accredited law school. Law degrees follow bachelor's degrees and are highly competitive. To get a law degree, you’ll probably take courses in a lot of these subjects: administrative law and public policy, civil procedure and dispute resolution, commercial law and transactions, constitutional law, corporate and securities law and transactions, criminal law and procedures, environmental law, family law, first-year electives, gender and sexuality legal studies, health care and the law, and human rights.

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