There are a variety of grants available to individuals applying to public universities and colleges but finding funding for private schools can be a little trickier. Private school tuition is generally higher than public university tuition so grant funding may be the thing you need to secure your success in college. In addition to college grants, grants are available for private secondary education as well.

College Grant Sources

One of the foremost resources for scholarship and grant funding for college are the various scholarship and grant search tools available online. Through these websites you can create a profile that encompasses your educational needs in conjunction with your personal demographic information. Many of these websites have a variety of grant and scholarship listings for both public and private universities and the option to filter grants that apply to private institutions. There are literally thousands of grants and scholarships available.

Consider merit based grant sources such as the National Merit Scholar program, which awards thousands of exceptional students with scholarship and grant funding. There are no restrictions on what type of school (public or private universities) that the student can utilize for tuition.

College Specific

Many schools have specific grant opportunities that you may be eligible for. Take some time to speak to the financial aid office of the institution you are attending to determine whether or not there are grant opportunities available to students and the process for applying for grant funds. If you are a lower income student you may be required to present proof of financial status or other tax information. Nonetheless, the school(s) in which you are considering of attending are a viable resource for funds.

Secondary Education Grants

Private school tuition is expensive for both post secondary and secondary students. If you are a parent or guardian seeking grant funding for a private school education for your child there are a few viable resources for you to check out. Many scholarship funds offers grant funding for low income children due to their dedication to improving the quality of education for underrepresented populations. Other programs utilize grant funds to help place of bright and promising students in prestigious boarding or private schools.

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