Tuition assistance programs help employees take coursework relevant to their jobs. Participation in tuition assistance programs in Georgia depends on each state agency; however, employees of state universities are all eligible. If you participate in a tuition assistance program, your employer will pay your tuition if you take eligible coursework.


Tuition assistance programs usually require employees to work full-time. In addition, employees must enroll in the college or university before asking for tuition assistance and must be working toward a degree in a subject area relevant to their jobs. Employers must approve an employee's proposed course of study each semester; if an employee takes a non-approved course, he is not eligible for tuition assistance.

Work Schedules

Employees must not take classes at times that conflict with their regular work schedules if it is possible to avoid doing so. If an employee cannot avoid taking classes during her regular working hours, she should discuss the situation with her employer so that he can attempt to make alternate work arrangements for her. Employees cannot take classes if the class schedule will interfere with their department's productivity while the employee is in class.

Prohibited Courses of Study

The Georgia tuition assistance program does not allow students to take courses in certain subjects as of July 2011. Students may not take coursework at graduate or professional schools such as medical or dental schools and may not take continuing education courses, workshops or seminars rather than degree-oriented courses. In addition, students must take coursework at Georgia universities rather than universities in neighboring states.

How to Apply

Employees of Georgia universities must apply for tuition assistance each semester and must register for courses during a specific period set by their employer. If a student does not register at the proper time or does not file a completed application before each semester, her employer does not have to reimburse her for tuition or registration fees.

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