Twenty years is a long time to be married and should be celebrated with something precious and fine. China is the traditional anniversary gift. Use the china theme to give your significant other the perfect gift to show your love.

China Tea Set

Purchase a china tea set for the tea lover. Fill each tea cup with tea bags, sugar cubes and stir sticks to create a complete tea package.

China Vase

Giver her a vase made out of china. Fill the vase with flowers or -- if blooms aren't your thing -- fill the vase with candies and mints. Consider having the vase engraved with the anniversary date.

Chinese Dinner

Go out for a nice Chinese dinner together and share a bunch of different dishes so you can try new things as well as enjoy your favorites. Or make Chinese food at home and feed each other with chopsticks over a candlelight dinner.

Trip to China

Take a trip to China together to celebrate your marriage and explore the world as a couple. This is perfect for couples who enjoy a little excitement and have an adventurous spirit. Document the trip with lots of pictures.

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