It was through the advocacy efforts of women in the 19th century that women were first allowed to attend the university. It was generally accepted that a girl's education be provided by the family or at female seminaries. These early female seminaries often became academic degree granting institutions of higher learning. In today's society, there are many different types of trade schools for women in different fields and subjects.

Culinary Trade School

A very popular trade school for women to enroll in is culinary trade school. There are many career opportunities for women who wish to become cooks or chefs. Many industries have positions for those skilled in culinary arts such as restaurants, casinos, hotels and resorts, hospitals and others in the realm of the food and beverage industry. Besides learning how to cook, with a culinary degree, you will know the ins and outs of running the business, cost control, menu planning, sanitation and safety. A culinary trade school is ideal for women who dream about being a sous chef, a kitchen manager, a kitchen chef or food and beverage manager.

Nursing Trade School

When thinking about trade schools for women, one type of school that should come to mind is nursing trade schools. There are many women who each year decide to enter the nursing profession and begin this process by enrolling in a nursing trade school. The demand for nursing specialist is very high and comes with flexible work schedules and good salaries. There are many career options in nursing, depending on the type of specialty of nursing which is obtained. There are various degrees in nursing available, and women can be anything from a dental assistant to a pharmacy technician.

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Court Reporter Trade School

Getting a degree from a court reporter trade school prepares you for an exciting career in court reporting. A court reporter is responsible for sitting in and capturing every word said in legal proceedings. Women in court reporting schools learn how to use the stenotype machine or electronic equipment to catch all words and phrases used in the courtroom. With court reporter training, women can also work in the corporate world, recording meetings for corporations, work as real time reporters in sports games or emergencies or as closed captioning specialists for television networks.

Computer Trade Schools

Some of the best paying and most in demand jobs today are in the computer field, thanks to the growth in technology and its related fields. All industries have some computer specialists in their payroll. With the growth in the use of computers and the World Wide Web, a well-trained computer specialist is an asset to any company or organization. Career positions range from launching and managing web sites, developing codes for computer programs and games or having an understanding of information systems and technology.

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