Small-engine repair schools provide students with the ability to work hands-on with electrical circuits, engine ignitions and small engines. Students learn to disassemble and reassemble small engines such as on boats , lawnmowers, motorcycles, go-karts, leaf-blowers and chain saws.

Universal Technical Institute (UTI)

UTI is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology. It offers technical training in small-engine repair through three of its four institutes: Automotive Diesel & Collision Repair Institute, Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and Marine Mechanics Institute. UTI has 10 campuses around the U.S., has a job and career placement service to help you find part-time work during school, and offers a commitment to full-time career placement services. The institute rmaintains partnerships with major manufacturers such as Ford and BMW, provides student financial aid and scholarships, and has a student services group that can help with locating housing while you attend school. Most programs last for about one year.

Penn Foster Career School

The Penn Foster Career School is the largest accredited school of independent study. It offers a program in small-engine repair that you can learn at home. The program provides training on how to repair lawnmower engines, recreational vehicle engines and boat engines. You will learn about repairing and troubleshooting engines and engine components, how to repair engine fuel systems, and even how to disassemble and reassemble different types of small engines. Students earn a Career Diploma in Small Engine Repair.

Stratford Career Institute

Stratford Career Institute was established in 1991 and is a distance-learning school that provides at-home vocational programs, including small engine repair. The Stratford program teaches students to work with ignition systems, electrical systems, fuel systems and to rebuild small engines found in chain saws, motorcycles and other tools and vehicles. Stratford provides textbooks, course material and other learning aids to help students complete the program.

Lincoln Technical Institute

Lincoln Technical Institute Automotive School offers a program in motorcycle engine repair and maintenance. The program not only teaches motorcycle engine construction and deconstruction, routine maintenance and power systems, but also provides instruction on transmission, electrical and electronic systems. The Lincoln Technical Institute is one of the Lincoln Group of Schools that has 43 campuses in 17 states. Lincoln provides financial assistance and career services to students.

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